Thank you for downloading Split It Even

This is a Bill Split App Re-Imagined. The user interface is very simple and easy to use. I hope below tips will be useful for you. 

1) Launch the app. It will start at its initial settings of "0.0"

2) Enter your total bill amount at "Bill Amount..." flashing cursor. It can be whole number or decimals.

3) Next pick the Tip%. You can choose the defaults of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% or 25% by tapping any of the blue squares. The selected Tip% will show on the orange square.

4) If you want a custom Tip% you can use the slider to adjust the Tip% which will be reflected in the orange square.

5) Next use the step button to add the people count. This is the number of folks you want to split the bill into. 

6) As you change the number of people, tip% the results are dynamically updated in the top 3 oval dashboards.

7) The oval's shows - the total tip amount, the new total bill amount which includes the tip and finally what everyone has to pay in the orange oval.

Below are some other use cases:

A) You can use it to split the bill even if you are not paying Tips. Just slide the Tip% to "0"

B) You can use it even if you are alone to calculate your tipping value.

C) You can use it also to calculate percentages of various numbers

You can also use this amount for your tip calculation if you are alone .

For Help & Support Pls Contact:

We will try to address most of your queries within 24 hours of receipt of email. The latest would be in 72 hours.

Hope you enjoy your app experience

Split It Even

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